Meet our Senior Boys


Ethan Stratford – Head Boy

My name is Ethan Stratford and I am Head Boy this year. I came to Loughborough Grammar School in Year 7, having been at Fairfield since Year 3. I am currently studying A Levels in Maths, Physics, History and Politics, and hope to study Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at university next year.

 Though moving to such a large school can be daunting for any starry-eyed ten year old, staff and students make every boy feel comfortable in his environment, and the sheer scale of activities available makes you soon forget any feeling of apprehension. I am constantly aware of how lucky every Grammar pupil is to be a part of our school, for the facilities and opportunities allowing boys to thrive are of such high quality they allow anybody to excel in their interests. In particular, the support from teachers is excellent; their willingness to give students an extra bit of help, or discuss areas outside the syllabus like further reading, really helps boys achieve their academic targets.

 Ever since Year 7, I have endeavored to take part in every aspect of school life, and LGS certainly enables this. As an avid sportsman I have relished the opportunity to play for Senior Rugby and Tennis teams in the sixth form, yet due to the capacity of Loughborough Grammar this does not infringe upon other interests. Alongside sports I have sustained an enjoyment for singing, and participate in evensongs with Burton Consort. Having the opportunity to sing at some of the most breathtaking Cathedrals in England is an experience I will never forget.

 Stemming from my choir commitments is a passion for Musical Theatre, in which I have achieved a diploma. The drama department at school is incredibly inclusive and open to anyone wishing to take part in musicals, and being able to give my own rendition of “Those Canaan Days” for three nights in our version of Joseph is without doubt a highlight of my six years here. The Leavers’ Musical is always something I look forward to watching at the end of the year.

 Pupils can also further their academic interests in School clubs and activities. Politics, Debating and Philosophy Societies are always entertaining and encourage any student to stand up and give their opinion. The opportunity to develop your ability in public speaking is something LGS does excellently, and not only does this do wonders for people’s confidence but it also gives them valuable skills for the wider world. I would wholeheartedly encourages any new pupil at Loughborough to give this a go, even if it is something completely new. Adding to this, the wide range of overseas trips at the school has given me the opportunity to explore the world in a way I could never have dreamed. To pick a few: visiting the ruins of Pompeii or safari on the South Africa rugby tour were awesome experiences.

 Above all, the only wisdom I could hope to impart on younger pupils is to get involved, put yourself out of your comfort zone, and never stop. The lessons I’ve learnt and friends I’ve made from throwing myself into school life is more than I could have ever imagined. Anyone who has the privilege to attend Loughborough Grammar School should immerse themselves in the opportunity it brings. Be sure to make the most of your time here because when your final year is upon you, you’ll realise the chances you’ve been given.



Milo Abraham – Deputy Head Boy

My name is Milo Abraham and I am Deputy Head boy this year. I am currently studying History, Maths, Politics and Biology and am looking to go on and study History and Politics at university.

I joined Loughborough Grammar School in Year 7 and as an eleven year old the School was brilliant at making me, and the rest of the Year 7s, feel welcome. I wanted to participate in as many clubs and activities as possible and LGS is excellent for this as it has such a wide range of activities from Year 7 right up to the Sixth Form. I have taken part in clubs ranging from Politics Society to basketball. There is something for everyone at LGS and the School has enough clubs to encompass everyone’s academic and sporting, fun-loving needs.

LGS was ideal for me as it offers so many sporting opportunities. I represent the school in 1st XV rugby and senior cricket and I have not only enjoyed the competitive nature of match days on a Saturday but also the great amount of fun we have training. The School has fantastic sporting facilities including the Quorn playing fields which provide outstanding rugby and football pitches in the winter and superb cricket and athletics fields in the summers with hockey pitches and tennis courts on the main campus.

The Grammar School, in addition to its extra-curricular activities, is excellent in promoting academic study. LGS makes sure that each one of its students is fully prepared for their public examinations and also for life after school. Lessons are never dull or boring and at LGS there is certainly the feeling that you learn new things every day. Throughout school the teachers offer a great amount of help to pupils of all ages and abilities and make sure everyone is getting as much out of the school as they possibly can.

LGS is brilliant at making boys feel welcome and that they can achieve anything they want to. My parting bit of advice for any current or prospective students is to take advantage of every opportunity Loughborough throws at you- you never know when you will get such opportunities again.

Dominic Al-Hairi – img_1927Deputy Head Boy

My name is Dominic Al-Hariri and I am one of the two Deputy Head boys this year. I started at the school in Year 7 following my brothers in joining the House of Pulteney. I am currently studying Maths, Economics, History and Physics. I hope to study Economics and Politics at university.

LGS has always offered a friendly environment to take advantage of all the opportunities on offer. The supportive culture encourages both academic and non-academic pursuits to flourish, promoting a well-rounded individual.

Since beginning School six years ago I have tried to make use of the vast range of activities on offer at LGS. Whether it be playing in house badminton or representing the School at debating competitions, these diverse experiences and the supportive culture bring you close to School and help you develop strong friendships that will last a lifetime.

LGS also offers an adventure. Not a year goes by without the chance to travel with School both in Britain and abroad. In the past few years alone I have hiked along Hadrian’s Wall, travelled to Vietnam, visited Washington D.C. with its vast array of political institutions, and seen the impressive classical sites of Greece. I greatly cherish these trips and I believe these have been important in broadening my horizons and expanding my understanding of the world. Both inside lessons and outside, the importance of understanding the wider world is always encouraged. Through charitable projects, such as our support given to Batukanaththa School in Sri Lanka, we as a School have been able to personally impact and improve the lives of those abroad.

The advice I would give to new Loughburians is to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. This is a school for boys made by the boys, so don’t be afraid to take a lead and make your ideas heard. With the supportive environment of your peers and teachers, in these truly beautiful surroundings, there is nothing stopping you reaching your full potential.