Headmaster’s Welcome

Duncan Byrne Welcome

I’d like to offer you a very warm welcome to Loughborough Grammar School. This is a vibrant school for high achieving boys who like to be busy and fulfilled. Academic achievement will always be our central focus, but with an abundance of first-class facilities and outstanding teaching staff, we deliver an all-round first class education.

At Loughborough, the division between the academic and the extra-curricular is far from absolute. In fact, everywhere I look beyond the classroom I constantly discover a school bursting with activity, where boys have huge respect for the varied talents of their peers. It is this happy fusion of work and play and everything in-between that is, in my view, our implicit hallmark. As a result, we find that pupils learn a great deal when they do not think they are learning at all, especially when they are enjoying themselves in pursuits they have freely chosen.

This is what happens when young minds meet in a place where learning is valued for its own sake. Our boys encounter far more than is required for examination success. During their journey through the school, they have unparalleled opportunities to develop their passions and skills so that they get to know themselves. This is what sets them apart from so many others and enables them to thrive as young adults who are resilient and understand their responsibilities to society.


Duncan Byrne – Headmaster