Academic Results

In common with dozens of other major independent schools across the country, the Loughborough Endowed Schools have decided that they will no longer feature in the league tables published by national newspapers for GCSE and A Level.

The fact that so many schools are absent undermines the relevance of the tables. Furthermore, league tables take no account of a school’s context and therefore, the position of a school reflects how selective it is rather that its quality of its teaching and learning.

In addition, the league tables take just one criterion as a measure of a school’s worth; they take no account of a school’s success in creating well-rounded, happy and motivated young people, which is vitally important in a age where the mental health of young people can be precarious.

We are pleased to share GCSE and A Level results on our websites as below. We believe that the tables of results we supply are much more informative than a single statistic chosen by a newspaper.

A Level Results summary

A* - A56%
A* - B81%
A* - C94%
A* - D100%
  • 229 A* and A grades
  • 28 boys achieved 2 A*s or better
  • 52 boys achieved 3 As or better
  • 6 boys achieved places at Oxford or Cambridge universities
  • 3 boys achieved places at Imperial College, 5 at the London School of Economics (LSE) and 3 at University College London (UCL)
  • 31 boys achieved the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) including 24 at A*/A

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GCSE Results Summary