A Level Results 2017

In common with dozens of other major independent schools across the country, the Loughborough Endowed Schools have decided that they will no longer feature in the league tables published by national newspapers for GCSE and A Level.

The fact that so many schools are absent undermines the relevance of the tables. Furthermore, league tables take no account of a school’s context and therefore, the position of a school reflects how selective it is rather that its quality of its teaching and learning.

In addition, the league tables take just one criterion as a measure of a school’s worth; they take no account of a school’s success in creating well-rounded, happy and motivated young people, which is vitally important in a age where the mental health of young people can be precarious.

We are pleased to share GCSE and A Level results on our websites as below. We believe that the tables of results we supply are much more informative than a single statistic chosen by a newspaper.

Results summary

A* - A57%
A* - B82%
A* - C94%
A* - D100%
  • 237 A* and A grades
  • 29 boys achieved 2 A*s or better
  • 52 boys achieved 3 As or better
  • 6 boys achieved places at Oxford or Cambridge universities
  • 3 boys achieved places at Imperial College, 5 at the London School of Economics (LSE) and 3 at University College London (UCL)
  • 31 boys achieved the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) including 24 at A*/A

Year 13 boys at Loughborough Grammar School are celebrating the school’s best A Level results in 5 years. It had been a nervous wait for the 126 students who sat exams this year as this was the first year of ‘new’ A Levels in many subjects, with all papers examined at the end of the Sixth Form. All boys can be proud of their efforts over the past two years which will allow them to embark on their chosen university courses in a few weeks’ time. It is to their great credit that this success has been achieved whilst maintaining a sense of balance in their lives through their contributions to the school community. Whether sportsmen, actors, musicians or entrepreneurs, Loughborough Grammar School expects all boys to enjoy the broadest of educations, and these young men leave us with the experiences and skills that will enable them to make a great success of university and life beyond. We look forward to welcoming them back to school in the very near future.

Loughborough Grammar School A Level Results 2017

Loughborough Grammar School A Level Top 100


Avishka Edirinsinghe achieved 4 A* grades whilst being a leader of the Leicestershire Schools’ Orchestra. He will be going on the study a joint course of Physics at Imperial College London and Music at the Royal College of Music.








Sean McGuire has been offered a place to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge University after gaining 5 A*s. Whilst studying for his A Levels, Sean also helped to coach Loughborough Grammar Schools’ successful TeenTech teams.







Angelo Gurusinghe achieved 3 A* grades and has been accepted to study Medicine at King’s College London in September.









Joe Ross-Biddles gained 3A*s and 1 A grade in his exams. He is taking a gap year before applying to Ivy League School, Harvard.









Ben Dijkstra has been accepted to study and train at Loughborough University as an elite athlete in Triathlon. He is pictured with his twin sister, Alika who gained 3 As and is going to study Medicine at Sheffield University.







George Burnett achieved 4 A* grades alongside competing as a national level middle-distance runner and qualifying for the National Championships in the 1500m race.


Akshay Mistry gained 3A* and 1 A grade and is going to Leeds University to study Mechincal Engineering.






These six boys: Angelo Gurusinghe, Joe Ross-Biddles, Avishka Edirinsinghe, Sean McGuire, Vlad Nistor and Joshua Kumar-Wright have achieved a combined 19 A* grades between them!