GCSE Results 2017

“These grades represent an outstanding performance from the GCSE students at Loughborough Grammar School, who can embark on A Level study with great confidence for their future success. The boys’ excellent results in Mathematics and Science (74% A*/A) demonstrates the school’s strengths in STEM subjects, and will help to produce the doctors, engineers and research scientists required to help the world meet the challenges of the 21st Century.”
Duncan Byrne, Headmaster

Results Summary

GCSE students169
Pass rate100%

In addition, pupils achieved new numerical grades in English Language and English Literature:

  • Over 10% achieved the new 9 grade (equivalent to A**) and 83% achieved grades 5-9
  • 16 boys achieved at least 9 A*s or equivalent
  • 55 boys achieved at least 5 A*s or equivalent
  • 90 boys achieved at least 6 A/A* grades
  • 86 boys achieved A* in IGCSE Mathematics and 71 in Physics
  • 48% of grades in Maths and Science were at A* (74% were at A*/A)
  • Over 50% of grades in Latin and Classical Greek were at A*
  • 16 of 19 Art students achieved A* or A
  • 2/3rds of grades in History were at A*/A

Loughborough Grammar School GCSE Results 2017

Loughborough Grammar School GCSE Top 100

GCSE students at Loughborough Grammar School have received a vintage set of GCSE results. It was a nervous moment for the 169 boys in Year 11 as they opened their envelopes, because this was the first year that numerical grades have been used – in English Language and English Literature.

In the subjects retaining alphabetical grades, 65% of papers were graded A*/A or equivalent, while 65% of the new numerical grades were between 6 & 9. A large number of boys received outstanding grades, with 16 boys achieving 9 A*s or better, and an extraordinary 55 achieving at least 5 A*s.

A fantastic achievement for all of Year 11, but particular mention goes to:

David Bernstein, Young Engineer of the Year award winner, achieved 9 A*s whilst balancing his studies with the development of the E1 vest invention.














Twins Ben and Oliver Rouse achieved 9 A*s each alongside competing in National Cross Country Championships.





Oliver Carruthers gained a full house of 9 A* grades.








Jayan Patel achieved 10 GCSEs with 9A*s and 1A 
















Oliver Rofe-Euden’s (left) hard work has been rewarded with 10 A* grades.

Tom Khalid (right)  achieved 10 GCSEs with 9A*s and 1A




Joe Bursell gained 9 A* grades.














Rohan Kapur achieved 10 A*s in his GCSEs and is pictured with Hartej Saund who gained 8 A*s, 2 As and 2 Bs respectively.






David Dudeney achieved 11 GCSEs including 10 A*s.