Sixth Form

Entry to the Sixth Form is contingent upon pupils achieving at least 5 B grades at GCSE and at least an A grade in each of the subjects which are intended to be studied at Advanced Subsidiary level. Further information regarding entry requirements may be accessed by downloading the following documents

Year 12


Sixth Form Options – External Applicants

Sixth Form Options – Internal Applicants


Applications should be made using the appropriate Registration Form.

UK Day Pupil Registration Form

UK Boarder Registration Form 

Overseas Boarder Registration Form

The Sixth Form is an extraordinary dynamic, diverse and stimulating community. Socially and intellectually, these two years are seen as a bridge between the more structured life lower down the School and the world of Higher Education. The vast majority of our students go on to university.

Each A Level studied requires about 6 hours of homework per week. So our students are encouraged to develop a sense of personal responsibility for their own intellectual development. This means we offer them a far greater degree of freedom and an atmosphere in which they can flourish. The Sixth Form at Loughborough has its own dedicated Centre and its own elected committee, responsible for organising activities, controlling funds and supervising the conduct of its own members. Many of the activities are run in conjunction with girls from the High School. The annual ‘Snowball’ brings boys and girls together as a hugely popular ‘Ladies Night’, and various lunches and black-tie dinners are all part of the regular agenda.

All members of the Upper Sixth are given opportunities to lead, organise and manage others with appropriate support and guidance. They are all expected to provide strong and positive examples to younger members of the School. And at the end of their Lower Sixth year everyone is invited to become a Prefect.

All Sixth Formers can apply for an educational/adventure holiday bursary named in honour of our famous Old Boy, Johnnie Johnson, the WW2 fighter-pilot ace. These bursaries have funded trips from India to the Falkland Islands and are highly prized.

With so many different and exciting pursuits competing for their time, the Loughborough Sixth Form is a life enhancing experience.