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Boarding Houses

There are two separate and well-appointed Boarding Houses: Denton House for boys aged 10 to 15 and School House for senior boys. In addition to these, members of staff and their families who live very near to the school also accommodate some senior boys.

The Boarding Houses are in the heart of the campus and each is lived in by a senior Housemaster and his family. In Denton House the junior boys share large rooms, as do Years 10 and 11 in School House: Year 12s occupy twin rooms in School House while Year 13s have single rooms wherever possible. Main meals are taken in the School Refectory but each house has its own kitchen where boarders can make themselves snacks and drinks. The houses are networked to the campus computer system enabling boys to access work areas, use e-mail to keep in touch with their families, and have supervised access to the internet.

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