Rugby Tour Japan / Hong Kong 2017


25th March 2017 – Cakers, Bakers and Donators – House 7s Success


A huge thank you to all those that provided cakes, raffle prizes and their time to support the House 7s Tour fundraising.

We took over £1270 in 2 hours and after school costs I’m confident we will have passed the £1000 mark.

A wonderful day, great fun rugby, great weather and great support.

A special thank you to the ladies that manned the various stalls.

  • Julie Carr, mum of Max in year 11
  • Nainal Shah, mum of Rutik in year 12
  • Jo Ackerley, mum of Guy in year 12
  • Lesley Bates, mum of Harry yr 12 and Archie yr 11
  • Julie Street, mum of Jack yr 12 and Jammin yr 11
  • Theresa Simpkin, mum of Sam, yr 12
  • Vanessa Zann, mum of Will, yr 12
  • Sally Yarnell, mum of Will, yr 12

We are very close to sending the boys off in style. Following the meeting this week I will be able to confirm our funds raised and what we can treat the boys to.

Thank you again for all your support this weekend.

Best Regards,




I’m delighted to confirm we raised a very impressive £8000 towards the boys’ tour, from the ‘Back to School’ Dinner in January.  Thanks again to all who helped towards such a great event.

As a result we can officially order and present to you, the new 2017 Japan and Hong Kong Rugby Tour Kit….drum roll please……

Our chosen supplier is Canterbury for its quality but also commercially it was £5000 cheaper than its nearest rival.

However, whilst we have funds to cover Kit, we turn our efforts towards funding meals and any extra excursions.

We continue to need your help with supporting:


– Front of shirt main sponsor – £2000

– New adverts in the post tour brochure – 1/2 page £250 – full page £500

– Cakes, bakers and raffle donations needed for House 7s on 25th March.

– Hold the date – Golf Day 26th May, Raffle prizes required

Please continue to contribute, not long to go now……
Best Regards, Scott



To quote Frankie Valli and his 4 seasons “Oh What a Night…”

I wanted to pass on my thanks to those who made the night a big success:

To Sam Spillane and her team for her attention to detail and making it such a fun evening

To Helen North and all of her team at school
To Julie Carr for organising the tour polo shirts

To all those that donated prizes and to all those that purchased

To the boys for their time, efforts and not dropping the shepherds pie

To Tony Dale for the fun photos (password for the site below fancygram)

To the Headmaster and the school for supporting our event and allowing us to book the Hodson Hall in the middle of exams
To all those that attended, partied, spent their money and fired water pistols at me

And finally to the parents who helped clear up on the Sunday morning.

I will confirm the profits from the evening but for the moment please have a look at a taste of photos with more to follow in the post Tour Brochure.




16.12.16 Happy Christmas

With the boys breaking for Christmas I wanted to spread some early Christmas cheer to let you know we’ve broken the £10,000 fund raising mark.

We are estimating that we need to raise around £35,000 in total to deliver to the boys the very best experience, food, kit, extra excursions, a donation to charity etc.

We are nearly 1/3 of the way there and so a big thank you to sponsors, donators and the boys who have all helped us get this far.

The ‘Back to School Dinner’ on the 21st is our big fundraising event. A successful event will make all the difference and we do need everyone to support this great, fun event please.

Finally, I wanted to thank the members of the committee in their fundraising drive, activities and work in achieving the £10,000 so far.

Nick Carr – Corporate Sponsorship – He’s driven advertising space in the brochure, on the kit sponsorship and is looking for that final main shirt sponsor (£2k) and any last brochure sponsors.

Andy Street – Easyfundraising – £800 raised so far with no cost to us via online purchases. Hope you are all using it for Christmas and the sales.

Julie Carr – Canterbury chosen as the Tour Kit supplier, Julie managed to negotiate a massive £5000 differentiation from their nearest competition. Tour kit design to be announced in the New Year.

Sam Spillane – She is tirelessly driving the Back to School Dinner through her ideas, passion and organisation. Di please come and support our fun evening

Claire Gardiner – Some great donations received for the Rugby Festival and Back to School Dinner – More always welcome, nothing too large or too small to donate.

Simon Baum – Our treasurer who ensures all our fund raising accounts are transparent and correctly managed.

Michael Chad-Smith – Autumn Internationals Sweepstakes Competition  – Did your predictions come true? Michael will confirm the lucky winner.

Thank you also to those I haven’t named who are also supporting the boys.

From the cake bakers, to the wrist band sellers, to the red ruby donators, to all the sponsors I thank you and wish you and your families a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

See you at the Dinner on the 21st.

Best Regards,

Scott and the fundraising committee.



Stand up class, pay attention, homework about to be given out….
I’m delighted to be able to launch our ‘Back To School Dinner’ event on 21st January.

This will be our main fundraising activity to make a real difference to the boys’ tour.

Please support our boys on tour by joining us at this fun event. 




Next fund raising meeting 12th October, all welcome.

We raised over £1100 from the rugby festival. A fantastic result and thank you again to all the supporters and helpers.

Our planning focus now turns to the dinner on the 21st January, please hold the date for fun, nostalgia and a bop. Also to tour kit design, costs and sponsorship opportunities.

Hopefully you’ve seen Nick Carr’s call for help with sponsors. Please let Nick or I know on the touchline how you are getting on with any introductions.

Finally, the boys need to start submitting their individual £200 please to the bank account.  Please add your son’s name as a reference to help Simon keep track.


Sort Code: 77-22-35

Account Number: 34408568



I wanted to than1k you all for supporting the rugby festival on Saturday and our fund raising. We raised a terrific amount on the day and I’ll confirm once we’ve accounted for costs.

Thank you for your baking, buying and entering into the fun on the day. A special thanks to Sally Yarnell, Julie Carr,Claire Gard
iner, Simone Walton,Julie Street,Rita Gibson,Justin Gibson, Rachael Curley,S2ara Perkins,Catherine LeNoury,Theresa Simpkin and to o4ur raffle collectors Lester Curley, Ethan Curley, Mo El Mezgueldi, Yusef Stylianou for his donations and the fantastic LGS logo cupcakes and to Tony Bolton and the Matt Hampson charity for their support. To Mr Parton and the Year 7s for their support and encouragement and finally to all those bakers who generously donated and to anyone who served that I’ve missed. Thank you.


Sorry if that sounded like the Oscars but I wanted to recognise their hard work and support.

Please hold the date January 21st for our Fundraising dinner, fun is promised. More on that later.

Reminder Boys £200 have you reach your target and wearing the coveted red wrist band yet?


Rugby Festival 17th September


Call for Cakes please to sell on the day.

Please come to support the Trent games at Quorn for the day. Starting with the Year 7’s first game at 11.30 the older boys will be supporting them from the touchline. We have fun games, raffle, top rugby planned. Once the older boys have supported the Year 7’s Mr Parton is working with his parents to ensure they then stay to watch the big boys KO at 2pm.

We need cake donations to sell please. Please let [email protected] know if you can help with the cakes for the day

Finally, welcome to the new rugby season, tour fundraising currently stands at £2,074 against a target of £25,000. 4 boys have each reached their £200.

All support appreciated with selling the wrist bands, gaining sponsors for the brochure, sponsors for the kit, and raffle prizes.

Sponsorship Letter: Please find a copy of the sponsorship letter here

As the boys break for Summer please see below their Summer jobs:

Earn your red tour wrist band by raising your £200.


Sell the blue tour wrist bands

Wrist Band

Sign up to Easyfundraising –


Watch this space for School’s Boys Tour Facebook and Firefly Pages

Bake – Cakes wanted for Trent Festival 17th September

Catch Up – All news:


Have a great summer, Bank Account details for boys £200, corporate sponsors.


Sort Code: 77-22-35

Account Number: 34408568.


Ahead of our third fundraising committee meeting next Tuesday, 12th I wanted to highlight progress and the ongoing help needed.

– EasyFundraising Web Site Launched to all LGS parents. In a week 4 Dads have raised £16.65 for free. Its easy, free and simple to register and to raise funds whenever you shop online.
– HK/Japan Tour Wristbands Launched. The boys receive an exclusive red one when they raise their £200. Blue ones are now on general sale priced at £1 each. We would like the boys to help us sell these on top of their £200.

Wrist Band

– Corporate Sponsorship by personal introductions and Donation Prizes are still needed.We have a full range of sponsorship opportunities (playing shirts, brochure, web site awareness) but need your introductions to Nick Carr or Scott Yarnell

An update on funds raised so far:

12 july


Reminder of our immediate focus:

  1. Corporate Sponsorship – recommendations to Nick Carr for personal relationships to identify this year’s Corporate Sponsors. We will promote companies on the LGS web site, on the tour kit, in the brochure etc but need your introductions. We now have our first Sponsor thank you. Introductions to [email protected]
  2. Raffle/auction prizes, thank you for the great donations to date. Reminder nothing is too big, nothing too small to donate – Ideas to Claire Gardiner please on items for the Sportsman’s dinner, school raffles etc [email protected]
  3. Boys £200 Our first tourist has reached his £200 (He didn’t have GCSEs!). Well done that man. Please keep up (start) the hard work.
  4. Attend one of our functions: More details here
An update on funds raised so far:
13 June
Agenda for the Fundraising Committee Meeting – Wednesday 15th June:
  1. Welcome and introductions to any new attendees
  2. Corporate Fundraising Updates
  3. Raffle Prizes/Donation Updates
  4. Sportsman Dinner Updates
  5. Charity Nominations
  6. Kit Updates
  7. Treasurer
  8. Sweepstake Update
  9. Website Updates
  10. Sports Day BBQ and Sweet Stall
  11. Golf Day Update
  12. Boys £200 Updates
  13. AOB

To Quote Thunderbirds “Fund Raising is GO”:  We urgently need your help please with the following:

  1. Corporate Sponsorship – recommendations to Nick Carr, [email protected] for personal relationships to identify this year’s Corporate Sponsors. We will promote companies on the LGS web site, on the tour kit, in the brochure etc but need your introductions
  2. Raffle/auction prizes, nothing too big, nothing too small to donate – Ideas to Claire Gardiner, [email protected]com please on items for the Sportsman’s dinner, school raffles etc
  3. Boys £200 individual contributions now underway with 1 boy already reaching £90 from dog walking. – Please let me know [email protected] interesting anecdotes on what the boys are doing to raise their own contributions

Our initial target is to raise £25,000 to provide kit, meals and additional excursions for the boys. The balance of funds will be donated to a local charity, yet to be identified.