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Latin plaudits 03.07.12

Following the now well-established tradition of inviting a distinguished Old Loughburian to officiate at Junior Prize Giving, Dr James Clackson was on hand to present the prizes at this year’s event.

Dr Clackson left LGS in 1984 and is now Senior Lecturer in Classics and Fellow and Director of Studies at Jesus College, Cambridge, as well as currently being the Cambridge University Elected Governor on the LES Board.  He has numerous successful publications to his name, most recently “A Companion to the Latin Language”, which followed his highly acclaimed “Blackwell History of the Latin Language”.

The real business of the evening was accompanied by the LES Swing Band, conducted by Mr A Geary and as always our catering staff produced a sumptuous buffet.

We are very grateful that James could find time in a very busy schedule to present the prizes and take such an interest in the boys’ work.

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