Year 12 Chemistry Visit 29.06.16

Year 12 Chemistry visit to the University of Salford

When Dr Steven Rossington came to give a demonstration lecture during “Chemistry Week” in November, he invited us to take a group of interested year 12 Chemists to Salford to spend a day at the Centre for Biochemistry, Drug Design and Cancer Research.

So it was that the aforementioned “interested group” met at 7.15 a.m. in the morning on a Friday in the middle of June to brave the M6 and Manchester traffic in a minibus driven by Mr. Haigh and Mr. Faust. On arrival we found a nicely redeveloped city centre campus, retaining some attractive Victorian buildings, next to a park with a river running through it. The recently refurbished laboratories were very well equipped and the group was soon getting on with the task of purifying acetanilide by crystallisation.

By lunchtime crystals had been prepared and left to dry, and we sat outside to eat our sandwiches in a garden next to the building. The afternoon was spent preparing samples for NMR analysis, visiting the NMR machine and seeing it in action, and carrying out melting point determinations, before a quick tour of the nearby Physics department.

The typical “Friday afternoon traffic” made the journey back more arduous, but overall we had a very pleasant, educational, active and enlightening day. Many thanks to Dr. Rossington for inviting us and spending most of his day looking after us.