“GREASE” 09.02.17

So together . . . That’s the way it is

 The latest LES production in the Grammar School Drama Studio is a “shoo-bop sha wadda wadda yippity boom de boom” joy from start to finish and that’s the way “Grease” should be, “wah-oooh, yeah!”

All the elements of this wonderfully-assembled show go together so beautifully that it is an event which all – those who have been involved in it and those who are fortunate to see it – will remember forever.  From the period-defining and iconic “pinball machine” background and the ingenious and adroitly-managed scene-changing effected in character by the cast to the sophisticated and energetic choreography complementing the powerful renditions of much-loved songs, the experience was every bit as good as might be expected in a professional theatre and the production team should be very proud of their young company and the heights to which they have soared, heights which are all the more astonishing to behold, given that the participants are ones who are also managing busy academic, musical and sporting lives as well, unlike many of their professional counterparts.

“Grease” is a huge piece of musical theatre so to realise it and re-create its nostalgic dimensions so faithfully in the relatively confined space of the Drama Studio is a major achievement and the members of the cast were utterly convincing in their roles as representatives of the 1950s working-class sub-culture of America, their accents never faltering, neither in song nor in speech. Their dedication, their skill and, yes, their professionalism was such that – as with all lasting impressions created in  theatres of whatever size – they portrayed characters in whom the audience believed and to whom their stage personas mattered, epitomising the lyric, “that we can be who we are”.

“Grease” is – most memorably  – “the word”. Go together!

Pierre L’Estrange

February 2017