A Day to Remember 12.08.13

Since 2006 LGS has supported the charity Rebuilding Sri Lanka and the Cricket Tour provided the ideal opportunity for some of our boys to see exactly what their efforts had achieved.

The day began with a visit to the RSL Foundation Library and Pre-School at Uragasmanhandiya where the 3 and 4 year olds were waiting to give everyone flowers and presents.  We were then provided with a magnificent breakfast feast which provided most of the party with their first taste of real Sri Lankan rotis washed down with king coconut juice.  The little ones were enthralled by our boys who played games with them:  it was a truly joyous occasion.

Next it was on to Galpothawalla School, which educates very poor children, and has been adopted by LHS.  Here, amidst more fun and games, the boys handed out nutrition packs to the children whose diet is less than adequate in many cases:  not an easy thing to do, but our boys performed the task with great dignity.  LHS are doing a sterling job in turning a very run-down school into a thriving place of education.

Finally, it was a visit to Batukanaththa School – our school.  Opened in 2006, it is now seen as beacon of hope in the area and from a roll of 47 when it opened there will be over 200 children at the school next year.  The children were out in force when we arrived and everyone was presented with a garland of flowers made by the children themselves.  Once again games on iPads and iPhones were a huge hit, as was the tour party’s rendition of Old MacDonald, complete with appropriate noises!

Truly, a day to remember.