Amazing Technicolour Dream of a Production 18.03.14

Way, way back three decades ago, not long after LGS became a fully independent school, a staff production of “Joseph” took place in the Hodson Hall.  It was adjudged, as Hamlet might have said of it, “A hit. A palpable hit!”

On the 12th, 13th and 14th March 2014 another production of the show took place, this time in the Drama Studio and it, too, was a hit, a glorious combination of much younger talent and ensemble playing which wowed the full houses with its joie de vivre and its sheer exuberance.  It was, in essence, an absolute riot of music, lyrics, costumes, colours and spectacle which would not have looked out of place in a West End theatre, such was the professionalism of every aspect of it.

With the brilliance of the set, lighting and technical support and  the composed underpinning of the compact band, the young cast rose to the occasion magnificently, led by a remarkably assured and polished  Jacob Leeson as Joseph and a trio of uniformed narrators with beautifully complementary voices in the shape of Heather Daniel, Jade Robertson and Holly Prangley.  George Evans out-kinged The King himself as Pharaoh and Aksel Saukko-Paavola’s calypso turn was convincingly Caribbean. And all were most ably supported by a committed and engaged “band of brothers”.

To Miss Sally Boon, Mr David Morris, Mrs Louise Welsby, Mr Peter Viccars, Mr Nick Pollock and Miss Jackie Partridge in particular, congratulations are due for bringing together such an astonishing array of gifted youngsters to produce a show of outstanding values which will live long in the memories of those who were in it and those who saw it. This dream did more than “do”.