Another milestone in Sri Lanka 31.01.13

On 16th January, amid great celebrations, a new library was opened in the market town of Mathugama in Sri Lanka, but is wasn’t just a library:  it was the Loughborough Grammar School Library.

The library is the latest project in the School’s commitment to make the lives of children in Sri Lanka better and follows on from our long-established association with Batukanaththa Primary School, which we opened in 2006 and which we have supported ever since.  It also continues our link with Rebuilding Sri Lanka who manage our projects on the ground so splendidly.

Education is everything in countries like Sri Lanka and access to books is vital if the children are to succeed in their examinations and move on to productive employment.  Reading is something we value greatly at LGS, as evidenced by our annual School Book, hence our involvement in this library project.

The School is rightly very proud of what we have achieved so far and is committed to continue supporting these and future projects.