Blue blizzard 11.05.15

May 7th’s election was indeed fascinating, but the attention of the Grammar and High Schools was also absorbed by both the race and the outcome of the LES Alternative Election 2015.

Organised by the Politics Society, students of Politics from both ends of the Walks and members of the Society divided into five parties:  Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democratic, Green and UKIP, each choosing a leader and all campaigning on actual party policies and manifestos.  The objective was to educate, raise interest in politics, have fun and compete for the votes of all the boys, girls and staff at both schools who had the franchise in this election.

The hotly contested campaign got underway with a hustings event at the High School at the beginning of term, followed by another lively and much enjoyed hustings at the Grammar School a few days before polling day.

Brisk voting got underway at polling stations at each school on election day, resulting in 1118 votes cast, equating to a 62.1% turnout.  The much anticipated final results were announced live in the LGS Quad the following morning at short break to both Schools.

The Returning Officer announced the results as follows:

Conservatives – 534 votes (45%)

Greens – 194 votes (16%)

UKIP – 169 votes (14%)

Labour – 158 votes (13%)

Liberal Democrats – 81 votes (7%)

Spoilt ballots – 48 (5%)

Our congratulations go to Nick Mahoney of Year 13 and the rest of his Conservative Party for their hard won victory, but also to all those who devoted so much time and enthusiasm to make this election such a successful and enjoyable event, including Mr Dawkins, Miss Jenkins and the members of the LES Politics Society.

… See you in 2020!?