Building with butties 29.11.12

On Monday 26th November 155 Year 6 and 7 boys missed their usual breakfast and arrived at school suitably famished! They were then sustained for the rest of the school day by a breakfast feast of sausage and bacon rolls, chocolate croissants and hot chocolate and the breakfast raised £510 which will be going to Chipako School in Zambia.

Over the last few years Year 7 has been providing ongoing support to a charity which is building a school in Chipako, a remote rural community in northern Zambia. Mrs Cecilia Gray, who works in the LES Refectory, is from Chipako and is one of the leading trustees of the charity. In recent years we have helped to fund the building of six classrooms.  The success of the school is obvious, but as pupil numbers have now reached 300, and continue to rise, further investment is needed to ensure the long-term success of the school.  We shall no doubt continue to support Mrs Grey in her wonderful work.