Chemistry Challenge 09.09.16

                        Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Lower Sixth         

This is essentially a lower sixth Chemistry Olympiad, organised by Cambridge University, in the form of a 90 minute written paper, designed to challenge students more than standard AS questions.

This year, one question was about titanium dioxide, TiO2 which is commonly used as a brilliant white pigment for instance in toothpaste, paints, sunscreens and even as a food additive (E171).

Another question was about Pyrethroid insecticides and their use on treated mosquito nets to reduce infection with mosquito-borne diseases.

Nationally there were 7200 entries for the challenge and only those scoring more than the ‘average’ received awards.


Copper awards went to:

Zion Chan                             Matthew Cullen                    Joshua Finn

Aangelo Gurusinghe           Navin Ma                               Akshay Mistry

Gareth Owen                        Alexander Patecki                Ben Urwin

(these boys have already been given their certificates).


Silver awards to:

Vinaen Charadva                Sai Kotecha                          Ravi Nathwani

Julian Wat                             Justin Wong


Gold awards to:

Sean McGuire                      Derek Yu


Well done to all those who took part!