Chemistry Olympiad 04.05.16

This year 10 LGS boys entered for Round 1 of the National Chemistry Olympiad competition, run by the Royal Society of Chemistry. The exam is generally sat by only the most talented Chemists in their final year of taking A-level or equivalent courses in school and colleges.


Approximately 2,500 pupils take the exam each year, and the standard is always extremely high. Gold, silver and bronze certificates are generally awarded to the top candidates, with about 10% getting a gold certificate.


Sean McGuire’s achievement is particularly merit-worthy because he not only achieved the highest mark in the school, but also he was the only Year 12 pupil to take the exam – the rest being in Year 13.


The results for LGS this year were:


Gold certificate:

Sean McGuire

Anuj Doshi

Kaiman Cheung



Sam Parry

Thomas Eveson

Josh Archer

Ken Chu

Tianyi Jin

Shaahid Limbada



Callum Eve