Classics Day for Adults 15.11.17

On Saturday 11 November, 40 adults convened in the Barrow block for the annual LES Classics Day for Adults.

The group consisted of parents and others from the local community who wanted either to dust off the Latin and Greek they had learned in their school days, or to start the languages from scratch. It was fantastic to see a mixture of regular attendees and new faces on the day, and all seemed to have a good time!

There were sessions for complete beginners, ranging right through to the advanced groups who read Latin texts by the likes of Caesar and Ovid, and for Greek the Gospel of Luke. We were treated to a superb lecture by Dr Alex Mullen of Nottingham University on ‘Celts and the Classical World’ which was a tour de force on the roots of the Celtic language and its relation to Latin, Greek and their (unwritten) predecessor Proto-Indo-European (PIE for short!).

Furthermore, Mr Harper ran a fantastic seminar on ‘The Story of Greek Architecture’ providing a fascinating overview of its development, punctuated with stunning images to illustrate the changes. Enormous thanks go to all the LES Classics staff for teaching the various sessions and especially to Dr Lipatov-Chicherin for running the day. If you would be interested in attending next year, send an email to [email protected] and you will be added to the mailing list.