Dads and Lads 18.11.13

The School broke new ground last week as it became the first school in the UK to be part of the ‘Time and Space Community’ – the largest Parent/Mentor programme in Australia. Headed by its Director, Bill Jennings from Melbourne, the school ran one evening for Father & Son in Year 8 and one evening for Mother & Son in Year 7. Both evenings were enthusiastically received and proved to be a great success.

Such evenings are common place in the Southern Hemisphere where they provide the time and the space to strengthen the connections in those crucial relationships in a boy’s life. Periods of transition challenge boys and the knowledge that important adults are ‘in their corner’ helps them take the next step along life’s path. Bill was uncertain how UK culture would react to such programmes, but was pleasantly surprised to discover that boys and their parents were as open and welcoming as their Australian counterparts and he will be back next year to further develop the programme.