Double Act Doubles Money 09.12.14

Thanks to the Government’s current UK Aid Match programme, the money raised by Stephen Smith and Peter Sergeant at their recent concert in the Endowed Schools’ Music School came to a £1000, their half of which is seen here being handed over by Peter to Nicki Dalton, President of Loughborough and the Wolds “Save the Children” and Jill Bryan, a member of the local STC committee and one of the school Matrons.

Smith and Sergeant have been writing and singing their own songs since 1982, having learnt their craft by performing the songs of Michael Flanders and Donald Swann who were household names in the 1950s and early 1960s.   In mid-October, they staged a showcase of their own material and that of Flanders & Swann in the Recital Hall of the Music School in aid of “Save the Children” and were delighted when so many friends, old and new, turned up to see them.

Stephen Smith was a pupil at Loughborough and then a member of the History department for 26 years before moving away, first to Birkenhead School as Deputy Head and then to Bedford Modern School as Headmaster.  He and Peter formed their very successful partnership in 1982 when they agreed to do a “one-off” performance as Flanders & Swann for a LOROS Concert in the Hodson Hall: 32 years later they are still raising money for charity by singing together and are doubly pleased to have their fund-raising effort matched by UK Aid!