For the fallen 02.07.15

Captain John Theophilus Chapman, 5th Battalion Leicestershire Regiment, who died on 30 May 1915 as a result of wounds inflicted near Mount Kemmel, is buried in Loughborough Cemetery.  He is one of 58 Old Loughburians who died in the First World War and is the first recipient of a plaque designed by Tom Pleece of Year 13 to commemorate members of our community who fell in that conflict.

The photograph shows Tom laying the plaque on 1 July 2015 in the presence of Mr Paul Fisher (Headmaster), Rev David Owen (Chaplain) and Wing Commander Peter Sergeant (Assistant Headmaster and OC LGS CCF).  The brief ceremony also included a period of silence and the reading of specially written prayer.

The Headmaster writes:  “The cherry plaque is taken from the cherries in the school quad which have come to the end of their time, planted just after the Second World War.  The design incorporates the school crest, the motto of the Turner family (HM during the Great War), and then the name and date of death of the Old Loughburian, Captain John Chapman.  This is the first to be laid on the graves of our 58 OLs killed in the Great War – we have 57 more to lay over the course of the next three years”.

The prayer:  “We remember with sadness and gratitude the sacrifice made by the Old Loughburian John Chapman who gave his life in the cause of justice and freedom during the First Wold War.  We give thanks for his faithfulness and we are inspired by his example.  We pray for all for whom this memory may still be painful, especially his family and friends and their descendants, and we ask God to bless and comfort them.  Amen.

Tom Pleece will be presenting more of his work in the Charnwood Museum during the summer.

The John Chapman story available on the following links :  (page 16 of the Fifth Leicestershire, by Captain JD Hills)