Former Headmaster returns to unveil portrait 15.07.16

 The recently retired long-serving Headmaster of Loughborough Grammar School, Paul Fisher, returned on Thursday 14th July to unveil his official portrait which will join the portraits of other former Headmasters in the school library.

The portrait, by Hester Finch – an Old Girl of Loughborough High School and now London-based, “specialising in contemporary painting and portraits and portraiture including miniatures in watercolour and oils” – shows Mr Fisher sitting in a relaxed position on a bench in front of the Tower building with his two dogs, Tess and Dexter, in the foreground.  The portrait’s composition is in marked contrast to those of earlier heads which are much more formal and is full of the light and shade which accompanied the initial sitting. Hester Finch said of the painting that she wanted to reflect the welcoming and inclusive nature of Paul Fisher’s tenure as Headmaster and the attitudes of all three elements – the man and his two dogs – are considered to have captured this perfectly.

The portrait was unveiled by Mr Fisher in the presence of his successor, Mr Duncan Byrne, members of the Senior Leadership and former members of staff.