Full of Beans 12.12.12

The opening number of this year’s Year 7 Pantomime took me back to 1971 when, as a fresher, I attended my first college ball at which The Equals, an East London pop/reggae/rock group, performed  Build Me Up Buttercup, a song about being promised much but always being let down. Could this be the keynote of the show, I wondered.  Not a bit of it! The Buttercup in question on this occasion was the cow which Jack exchanged for a whole bag of beans and the result was far from a let-down!  In a show which the term “push-up bra” took on a whole new meaning and the lowest-slung udder in pantomimedom  was milked for its worth, this year’s “freshers”  entertained an audience which was well-up for the show’s traditional mix of execrable puns and obligatory participation, delivered with thigh-slapping panache by a confident and astonishingly assured cast.  From the beanstalk which reached right up to the ceiling – sorry, the clouds – to the Les Dawsonishly-mobile bosom of Dame Dotty, this was a show which lifted the spirits and defied gravity, a truly splendid spectacle staged and sustained by a strong ensemble showing considerable promise.  Congratulations to everyone involved!