GCSE Results 2017 24.08.17

GCSE students at Loughborough Grammar School have received a vintage set of GCSE results. It was a nervous moment for the 169 boys in Year 11 as they opened their envelopes, because this was the first year that numerical grades have been used – in English Language and English Literature.

In the subjects retaining alphabetical grades, 64% of papers were graded A*/A or equivalent, while 65% of the new numerical grades were between 6 & 9. A large number of boys received outstanding grades, with 16 boys achieving 9 A*s or better, and an extraordinary 55 achieving at least 5 A*s.

  • Over 10% achieved the new 9 grade (equivalent to A**) and 83% achieved grades 5-9
  • 16 boys achieved at least 9 A*s or equivalent
  • 55 boys achieved at least 5 A*s or equivalent
  • 90 boys achieved at least 6 A/A* grades
  • 86 boys achieved A* in IGCSE Mathematics and 71 in Physics
  • 47% of grades in Maths and Science were at A* (74% were at A*/A)
  • Over 50% of grades in Latin and Classical Greek were at A*
  • 16 of 19 Art students achieved A* or A
  • 2/3rds of grades in History were at A*/A

A fantastic achievement for all of Year 11, but particular mention goes to:

David Bernstein, Young Engineer of the Year award winner, achieved 9 A*s whilst balancing his studies with the development of the E1 vest invention.

Twins Ben and Oliver Rouse achieved 9 A*s each alongside competing in National Cross Country Championships.

Oliver Carruthers gained a full house of 9 A* grades.

Jayan Patel achieved 10 GCSEs with 9A*s and 1A

Tom Khalid achieved 10 GCSEs with 9A*s and 1A

Joe Bursell earnt himself 9 A* grades.

Rohan Kapur achieved 10 A*s in his GCSEs and is pictured with Hartej Saund who gained 6 A*s, 4 As and 2 Bs respectively.

Oliver Rofe-Euden’s hard work has been rewarded with 10 A* grades.

David Dudeney achieved 11 GCSEs including 10 A*s.


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