GCSE Results 25.08.16

Patrick Carey.

Patrick, a 16 year old student at Loughborough Grammar School, faced the same moments of anxious anticipation as hundreds of thousands of students today when he received the envelope containing his GCSE results. He need not have worried. Nine starred ‘A’ grades and two ‘A’s, put him in an elite band of academic performers. What makes him different, however, is his fifth place ranking in the GB U17 Men’s Epée. He is already the East Midlands U16 Champion. When he is not fencing or studying, he can be found practising the violin for his upcoming Grade 8 examination. A levels in History, Religious Studies, French and Latin along with playing in the Grammar School orchestra will keep him busy as he embarks on his Sixth Form career, with the long term plan of reading History at a top university. Clearly, a talent to watch.

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