Happy Christmas Hampers 11.12.12

Every Thursday afternoon members of the Voluntary Service Unit wend their merry way to various placements throughout Loughborough.  Some go to charity shops in town where they do a variety of jobs such as hanging clothes, cleaning books and sorting stock, others visit care homes and chat with the residents and a few visit senior citizens in their own homes.

Every year we launch the VSU Christmas Hamper Appeal for two weeks towards the end of term.  We appeal to the boys of LGS to donate non-perishable food items so that they can be given to members of the Loughborough community and it has, again, been very well supported.  A wide variety of food items have been donated and these have been packed into 38 festive hampers. These are currently being delivered to local residents visited by VSU boys Thursday afternoons and other elderly members of the Loughborough community.