Hold the front page 25.03.15

The article below is an account written by Ben Wallis, Year 9, of the boys’ involvement in this year’s BBC School News Report.

The news team was picked at the start of the year for the BBC School News Report to the excitement of the selected pupils and roles were given out.  Building up to the event, the team prepared for the big day by writing a few articles and interviewing selected members of staff, including:  Mr.McCabe, for a report on homework; Mr.Jackson for a report on Electric Cars; Miss Bancroft; Mr Lewis about rugby.

On the day, the team met in Q2 early in the morning to catch up on the latest news and discuss the articles that would be written throughout the day.  The first interviews were with Mr.Dawkins about the budget cuts, Dr.Healey about the iPads and Mr.West about music.  The news teams then set to work writing their articles, whilst the technology team got busy uploading things to the website. Meanwhile, the sub-editor and editor were occupied with proof reading and checking over the articles.  During lunch, the final two interviews took place with Mr.Lloyd and Flora Lewis about the teenage trust.  At various points in the day, one member of the technology team was tweeting live updates and photos explaining what people were doing. Throughout the day the IT staff, not least Mr Patel, were helping in attaching graphics to the interviews and uploading videos.  By 15:00, all the articles and interviews had been uploaded, and the team sat back pleased with how the day had gone.

We would like to say a huge thanks to Mr.Jackson, Mr.Dawkins, Dr.Healey, Mr.Lloyd, Mr.McCabe, Mr.Lewis, Miss Bancroft and Flora Lewis for being interviewed.  Mr.Evans needs thanking for providing photos and helping with display boards, as well as Mrs.Bunn and Mrs Bruton Lang for providing news papers and microphones retrospectively.  Thanks are also owed to Mr.Patel for help the videos and the IT staff for help with the constructing the Website before and during the day.  Finally, a huge thank you must go to Mrs.McKean for organising everyone and everything.