Lads in Aladdin 11.12.13

The Christmas end-of-term festivities  would not be the same without the Year 7 Pantomime and yet, even though many of the same old jokes are re-cycled year after year, the annual display of talent never fails to delight and amuse.  This year Aladdin (the good guy) trod the boards in the traditional tussle with his evil “uncle” Abanazer  (the bad guy)  and the Widow Twankey (a guy) found that her modest-sized handbag contained an eight-foot long chopstick, produced by astonishingly assured sleight of hand and panache!   Add to those delights the obligatory, ritual humiliation of an unsuspecting member of the audience (the “he-will-never-forget-this-evening” Dave) and the rigorously-enforced Pavlovian audience participation routines, and a veritable feast of entertainment was served up by this year’s “New Kids in the Q Block”.  Congratulations to everyone who took part in both wonderful performances: they were brilliant and polished works of genie-us!  What does the fox say? “They were magic!”