Last chance to win support 05.05.15

The final key event in the run up to the Alternative Election was the LGS Hustings that took place today. Five candidates took to the stage in the Hodson Hall to face questions from the entire Grammar School. The audience came up with some grilling questions for the candidates, with Bertie Harrison-Rushton (Labour) being asked why they should be trusted with money after their last government, Nick Mahoney (Conservative) asked to rule out cuts to child benefit, and Joe Ross-Biddle (UKIP) asked to justify the party position on the EU. Sam O’Neill (Green) fought the case for trust in politicians with a well-aimed jibe at Luke Tyers (Lib Dem) about tuition fees while Luke took the Tories to task about recent Institute for Fiscal Studies figures. The level of political knowledge on and off the stage was hugely impressive and the candidates defending their campaigns admirably. With more polling planned today, we will soon see if the hustings this morning has managed to swing any voters. The event was live tweeted and the questions, opening statements and some of the debates can all be viewed on @LES_GenElection on Twitter.