Last Post Performance for VIPs 20.11.12

At the Launch and Dedication on the 9th November of Stand Easy, a memorial to honour Leicestershire’s Armed Forces, Jamie Herring (Year 12) was the sole bugler who sounded The Last Post and Reveille during the Act of Remembrance.  Amongst those who were present at the unveiling of the memorial was the Minister of State for the Armed Forces, the Right Honorable Andrew Robathan MP; the Lord Lieutenant of the County, Lady Jennifer Gretton JP; the Chairman of the County Council,  Mr Peter Lewis; the Bishop of Leicester, The Right Reverend Tim Stevens; and a large number of high-ranking military and civilian personnel.

The memorial itself comprises four life-size bronze figures of young recruits of all three services “standing easy” around a central plaque which reads “They Stand Among Us”.

In a letter of appreciation which Jamie received from the Civic Affairs Office, the person responsible for organising the event, Tim Webster, acknowledged that “It takes an awful lot of courage to stand up in front of the Queen’s representative and the County’s civic dignitaries and senior military officers, and to play an instrument as tricky as the bugle!  I hope that you found the occasion enjoyable and will look back with pride on your valuable contribution.”

The school’s congratulations and thanks also go to Jamie who is much too modest to blow his own trumpet!

Photograph by David Morcom Photography