Team E.A.G.L.E. honoured at Buckingham Palace. 05.07.13

A team of three Year 9 students from Loughborough Grammar School was one of the winners in the inaugural Teentech awards judged at the Royal Society last week.  As winners of the education category they were invited to Buckingham Palace on Monday 1st July to show their iPad application to the Duke of York who is Patron of Teentech.

Teentech is an organisation set up by former BBC Tomorrow’s World presenter, Maggie Philbin, to promote technology and entrepreneurship in schools. Its inaugural awards in 11 categories, from healthcare to entertainment to construction, attracted entries from hundreds of schools from across the UK.

Designed by Sean McGuire, Gareth Owen and Joe Ross-Biddles, E.A.G.L.E. [Educational App Geared (to) Learning Engagement] is a very exciting and innovative mobile app, designed to revolutionise the education of students at Key stage 3 by allowing them to learn and test their knowledge in several subject areas. Inspired by the school’s interest in iPad technology, the boys decided to fill a much-neglected void in the market by creating their app, aptly known as E.A.G.L.E. All three members of the team are very talented individuals but worked to their strengths in a team dividing the tasks – Sean taking charge of writing the code, Gareth working on the graphics side, and Joe writing and creating the content.

The Duke of York, in his address to the award winners, conveyed his admiration for the passion and drive with which all students had followed through with their ideas and presented them. He was pleased that all the ideas belonged to the students and that the schools had helped the students form relationships with industry professionals and encouraged them to think for themselves and to solve problems as they arose.