Marathon Man 23.05.12

Following my return to England at the end of March, after a month in the heat of Sri Lanka when I hardly ran at all, I had little time to prepare for the Paris Marathon but relied instead on the fitness I had acquired in Devon during January and February while out running with Tess.  I was, therefore, very pleased to complete the Marathon in a time no slower than that achieved in London in 2008!  My taking part in the Paris Marathon was the focus for the final Batukanaththa-directed fund-raising which culminated in our very well-attended and much enjoyed Hog Roast on Sunday 6th May.

Taking into account my own fund-raising with that of the boys and the proceeds of the Hog Roast , altogether we have raised over £8000 which will certainly cover the cost of the refurbishment of the abandoned upper building at Batukanaththa, paying for a new roof, the sub-division into classrooms, its complete re-decoration and an upgrading of the electricity supply for better lighting and fans.

My very sincere thanks to all of you parents, boys and colleagues for your generous help and support.

Paul Fisher