Net Profit 22.03.13

Well, it had to happen one day and it surely did.  Bedecked in strange garb, including shocking pink, day-glo orange and fluorescent green skirts, and full of confidence, the might of the LGS Sixth Form took on the High School’s Netball Team at their own game.

The unfathomable (to a member of the male gender) laws of netball soon began to play a large part in what unfolded and a succession of penalties put the brave lads of LGS on the back foot , but the match proved to be a game of four quarters.  Sadly, all four quarters went the same way:  lots of goals for LHS and not many for LGS.  LGS also tended to give the ball away as the fleet-footed LHS team intercepted ill-directed passes, which prompted Coach, Jack Paisley, to remind the team that:  “The girls are the ones with long hair”!  Thanks, Jack.

Shooting was not LGS’s forte and it took quite a while for one (anonymous) attacker, used to playing basketball, to remark, as another shot sailed over the ring:  “There isn’t a backboard”.  Well spotted, Greg.  However, in the third quarter LGS did score:  the crowd went wild and further goals were added to equal rapture, but LHS were relentless and extended their lead.

The final score was a well-deserved 14 – 4 win for LHS.  Of course, the result was not important, although we suspect LHS might have a different view, and everyone involved must be congratulated on their efforts which raised a significanyt amount for Rebuilding Sri Lanka, the charity with which both schools work, and certainly put a big smile on everyone’s faces.