On air 18.06.15

On Wednesday 10 June, ten boys from Year 8 took part in making a short radio programme, known in the trade as a “package”, for Radio Leicester.  We were delighted to have Mrs Hayward, Senior Journalist for BBC Radio Leicester, with us and the day began by Mrs Hayward explaining the intricacies of putting together a broadcast.  She explained the different elements we needed to consider, for example a voxpop (regular voices), wild-talk (authentic background noise, in this case activities on the field at lunchtime) and an interview or two.

Mrs Hayward also gave the boys an insight into being a news reporter and BBC presenter and how material is shared between the different media.  The boys then practised putting together items based on their own experiences, including holidays in Mallorca; a great uncle who was an ambassador in Brazil and a car crash.  The boys then settled down to the real work of the day:  Loughborough Grammar School and the Great War.

Questions were formulated ahead of interviews with Head of History, Mr Craig Blackman, and the Headmaster, Mr Paul Fisher.  The interviews by Rishyl Chandarana, Rikhil Vivekanand and Yash Sewpaul were held in the afternoon and the interviewees were suitably grilled, but survived unscathed having provided a wealth of information and interesting views on the conflict and our role within it.