On the spot 05.05.15

As part of the LES Alternative Election, Loughborough Grammar School hosted a hustings of prospective parliamentary candidates from the Loughborough constituency on Wednesday. Chaired by Mike Dawkins, Steve Coltman (Liberal Democrat), Nicky Morgan (Conservative), Matthew O’Callaghan (Labour), Bill Piper (UKIP) and Matt Sisson (Green) all answered questions that ranged from the gender pay gap to plans for democracy in the UK. 300 sixth form students from the Grammar School, the High School and the Convent all attended the ninety-minute session, and they provided outstanding questions for the candidates to answer. The quality of questioning was remarked upon by all candidates, who commented that of the eight hustings they had done together, this was by far the most entertaining, well-attended and difficult in terms of the questions asked! The candidates also spent some time talking to the candidates in the Alternative Election and offered their words of wisdom to them for our own hustings event on Friday. The event was live tweeted and the questions and opening statements can all be viewed on @LES_GenElection on Twitter.