Premium Bond With Old School 19.03.13

Martin Pallot, the Director of Original Equipment at Pirelli in Derby and former pupil of Loughborough Grammar School, returned to his alma mater on Friday 15th March to speak to the Sixth Form about his experiences in the world of business after university.

His very well-received presentation focused on how to succeed in business and how best to maximise the opportunities which occur.  His experience of a work placement at Pirelli while he was completing his business degree at Leicester Business School gave him the chance to show that he was willing to work hard and think ahead and the company took him on immediately after he graduated.  From then on he served in Marketing and Events in the UK, Global Marketing and Events; was Head of Marketing for the World Rally Championships, Head of Motorsport and Events and Head of Original Equipment before taking on his current role as Director.

Martin’s invaluable advice to those who were preparing to go to university was to think ahead and plan for success – with the following vital tips of which to take note:  choose something which you want to do; be at least one step ahead of the rest at all times; think of yourself as a product which you have to sell; and think “Premium” in everything you do – appearance, attitude and commitment.

The numerous questions and  generous applause which greeted him  at the end of his speech suggested that his advice had been right on target.