Roger Willson Lecture 13.11.14


On November 12th one day after the school observed Remembrance Day in the quad, we were privileged to hear a talk by our archivist and expert on World War One Roger Willson, given at lunchtime in the Drama Studio to an audience of staff, parents and teachers. The talk brought home the realty of war in 1914 when the school prepared for the summer holidays with little thought of what was to come.  By the time the autumn term began war in Europe was well underway and old boys as well as some staff members had already signed up and gone to the front.  We heard moving stories of old boys who were never to return and staff who did return injured and no doubt irrevocably changed by the experience. The story of the then Headmaster’s own son who was killed was particularly poignant and one can only imagine the effect this would have had on both him and the school.  The war memorial in the base of the Tower building stands as a reminder of these times and the sacrifice made by the school community and the country at that time.