Singapore wing 07.03.12

Cadet Warrant Officer Alex Samson is congratulated by Wing Commander Sergeant on being awarded one of only 10 places available to the CCF RAF on the International Air Cadet Exchange programme for 2012. This extremely prestigious award is the highest accolade available to members of the Air Cadet Organisation and means that Alex will be spending 15 days in the summer experiencing what life is like in the Singapore National Cadet Corps (Air). The International Air Cadet Exchange was first introduced in 1947, between the UK and the Canadian Air Cadets, and now comprises more than 20 nations and some 600 cadets or volunteer staff exchanging annually. To be selected for this programme is a great honour and a considerable tribute to what Alex has achieved during his time in the CCF RAF Section: in effect, he will be an outstanding ambassador for the Royal Air Force’s Air Cadets as well as being a splendid representative of the school.