Star Studded Grades 12.09.12

The A Level pass rate achieved was 100% of which 21% were at A*. A*-A grades accounted for 61% of the total and A*-B grades 83%.

There were particularly notable successes in the following:

  • In Maths 43 A* grades and 29 A grades represented 77% of the subject entry
  • In English Literature 8 from 26 candidates achieved A*grades, 8 A grades (62%)
  • In the 3 Sciences 37 A* grades and 67 A grades represented 66% of the entry
  • 12 boys have secured places at Oxbridge Colleges

The Headmaster’s view: “These are very good results which maintain the high standards of recent years. Again the boys secured over 100 A*grades in total and as a consequence are moving on to study in the top Universities in this country. The bulk of these excellent results have been achieved in subjects regarded as the most challenging at A level, notably Maths and the Sciences.”