Starring in Starfish 03.11.16

Year 7 pupil, Oliver Cunliffe attended his own premiere for upcoming film Starfish. Here’s what he had to say:


“In March 2015 I was invited to attend an open audition for a film that was being shot locally. The auditions were being held in Uppingham town hall and the place was full of a 100 kids all auditioning too. 

It was very daunting walking into a room full of industry professionals, the director, and members of the production team but over the coming months I met them all several more times, auditioning to camera, having test shots. Auditioning with other cast members and potential cast members. And in August 2015 they finally offered me a role! Filming then started at the end of November 2015. 

The film is called Starfish, and is based on true life events that happened to an ordinary family. 

Tom Ray contracted sepsis a condition that 44,000 people die of each year. Tom survived but to save his life he had both his arm, both his legs and part of his face removed. 

The film tells of the difficulties that he and his family coped with and the effect it had on their lives. 

The role I play is the main character Tom, as a boy. There are various flash backs to his childhood that help the viewer to understand where his determination and courage came from. 

I had a brilliant  time on set, working with some amazing actors, Joanne Frogatt, Tom Riley, Michele Dotrice, and phoebe Nichols along with a very talented director and crew. 

But for me the best part was meeting the “real” Tom Ray, he came to watch me several times on set, which was a bit nerve wrecking, but he was really kind and encouraging, and is truly an inspirational man! 

The film is out at the cinema now, go and see it!!! 

(Pictured with his ‘on-screen brother’)