Team Maths Challenge Success 29.06.16

Team Maths Challenge success : June 2016

On Monday 20th June (2016) our junior maths team travelled to London for this year’s national final of the prestigious ‘Team Maths Challenge’ event for schools, organised by the UK Mathematics Trust. The four boys in this year’s LGS team were Haoran Cao and Matthew Drury (both in Year 9), Alan Luke (Year 8) and Kishan Modi (Year 7). They had previously won the Leicestershire heat to qualify for the national final.

There were five rounds in the competition, the first of which involved designing a poster showing how to exactly measure out many special distances by ingenious paper folding (origami). There was also a little practical work in the next round, but mostly the competition was a matter of solving maths problems quickly and accurately, spotting clever methods to save time, and avoiding errors especially on key questions. Sometimes the boys worked all together as a group of four, and sometimes they were in pairs – for example in the two relay rounds and the cross-number round they were in pairs, sometimes in different parts of the room.

The LGS team worked together well throughout the day, and had solid performances in all of the rounds. Our final position was a very pleasing 30th – out of the 88 teams who were in the national final and a total of 1770 teams who had entered earlier in the year at the regional level.

Together with the 11th position at the national final that our senior team (sixth form and Year 11) had achieved earlier in the year, this result makes 2016 a very successful year for our two maths teams – in fact clearly the best year out of the last three. Many congratulations to all the boys who were involved.