TeenTech Status 23.11.16

Loughborough Grammar School has become one of the first schools to be awarded Silver Status for work supporting TeenTech Award Students in 2016. Through this work LGS is now a TeenTech Centre of Innovation and Creativity.

TeenTech have been awarding Innovation and Creativity Silver status to schools, colleges and libraries who can evidence they do the following:

1. Provide access to TeenTech or to other external, established, project based learning programmes which give students the opportunity to make and create using science, technology and engineering. These opportunities can sit within all subjects – languages,arts, humanities as well as within STEM.

2. Actively encourage and support diversity of uptake – across gender (with exception of single sex schools), ability, ethnicity and social background.

3. Provide a supportive environment for creative project based learning

4. Support students who wish to become TeenTech Ambassadors  to inspire others

Congratulations to all Staff and Students who have been a part of our TeenTech Journey so far!