The World of Roald Dahl 03.07.15

The Year 8 Drama Festival has been a feature of the end of the summer term for some years now and this year the boys were faced with their toughest challenge yet:  to present adaptations of five of Roald Dahl’s best-loved pieces.

8JRC gave us their interpretation of The Twits, Mr and Mrs Twit being suitably unpleasant, but it all worked out well in the end for the animals.  8LEM followed this with The BFG, a story about a giant who turned out to be a bit of a softy really.  8CL’s Goldie Pinklesweet warned us of the dangers of taking someone else’s pills when they are in fact laxatives!  The final productions were of Dahl’s interpretations of two long-established favourites:  The Three Little Pigs by 8DEB and Cinderella by 8AMW.

The whole show moved along at a cracking pace and the standard achieved by the boys was very high, especially as they had only a short time to prepare.  Well done everyone.