Under Pressure 22.03.13

Timeline:  Friday 22 March 2013

As we reported in our article “Cue to Q2”, a group of Year 8 boys worked tirelessly yesterday assembling news stories to be published on the BBC School Report website.  They were on a strict 4pm deadline to have their stories in place when the site went live.  It was touch and go, with signs of stress appearing and tempers fraying, but they made it with minutes to spare!

The boys reported on a wide variety of topics including the inception of the new Archbishop of Canterbury, the crisis in Syria, England’s chances in the Third Test against New Zealand and the likely impact of the Budget.  The boys produced both written reports and video of their stories:  two of the boys are shown delivering their story in the accompanying photograph.

Exhausted, but very satisfied with their efforts, our budding journalists can reflect on a job well done.  The results of their labours can be seen at: