Young Furniture Maker’s Exhibition 07.09.17

Nikolay Irmanov, who left us this summer after completing his A Levels, has been invited to exhibit his work at the Young Furniture Makers’ Exhibition in London. This has come after Nikolay was awarded a Design and Technology Prize last year.

The Furniture Maker’s Company approached the school last academic year asking that we award a kindly donated prize to the pupil who we deemed to have the ‘best’ Design and Technology Project this year.

With such a wealth of interesting projects from both GCSE and A-level pupils, this would always prove a challenge. However, one project particularly stood out from the rest. For his A-level project, Nikolay Irmanov recognised that many consumer products are not designed to include all user groups and that some users will often be underrepresented. Notably, those with visual impairment will often have to struggle with products that have been designed for abler individuals rather than ones that have taken into account their specific needs.

Based on this, Nikolay chose to design a new radio that would attract the younger generation of those suffering with visual disabilities, whilst also ensuring its usability. During the design process, he analysed information from a wealth of sources, including charities that work with those with visual disability, and continually referred to his intended user group throughout the entirety of the design process. This iterative procedure enabled his design to cater specifically for their needs thoroughly.

In recognition of his identification of a true design problem and the high quality prototype he made, Nikolay was deservedly awarded his prize of a book entitled Modern British Furniture.