Meet our Senior Boys

Jake Walton: Head Boy

It has been a true privilege to have been chosen for the role of Head Boy and I have learnt a lot from the experiences that it has brought. My role consists mainly of leading the remarkable Senior Prefect team, organising social events and delivering numerous speeches at events such as Prize Giving. There is a real importance to the role and it genuinely serves well to bridge ideas and communication between the boys and the Senior Leaders of the School. I’d like to think that we have made a positive difference for the years to come.

I joined LGS in Year 7 after being attracted by the stunning sporting, musical and academic opportunities and I knew immediately from my tour of the School, that LGS was the School for me.

Academically, I study Maths, Further Maths and Physics at A Level with the hope of studying Physics at Durham University. The School has provided me with the chance to broaden my knowledge both inside and outside of the syllabus. We have some remarkable teachers that are both encouraging and supportive.

Rugby has been a huge part of my school life from Year 7 to 1st XV and we have had some impressive wins over the years. I have had the pleasure of playing with a great team. We have been lucky to have Rugby Tours to Japan, Blackpool, Ireland and Rosslyn Park. Japan was just the most phenomenal tour and culture to experience with the emotion of Hirohima and the buzz of Tokyo.

CCF has also been a great choice for me. The Remembrance Day marches and ceremonies are so thought provoking and impressive. The annual review and gun run is also something that I have looked forward to each year and I highly recommend anyone to get involved.

I’ve experienced some great educational trips to Normandy and Cirencester and joined in fun extra-curricular events such as House Music and Sports Day.

Overall, LGS has been a great experience where I have made the most amazing friends for life. There are some incredibly talented and witty boys at this school that I now share some proud moments with.


Nathan Mistry: Deputy Head Boy

The most exciting thing about school life at Loughborough Grammar School, in my opinion, is the opportunity to learn, grow and develop our social skills. Ever since joining LGS in year 9 from a relatively small school I have been involved in numerous Academic and Co-curricular activities.

Academic life at the school has been a pleasure to go through. Without a doubt, the teachers at the school are passionate about teaching their subject and it is safe to say that their passion rubs off on the students. I am currently studying four A-levels: Maths, Further Maths, Physics, and Spanish. I chose these subjects not only because I believe they will open doors for me in the future but because I genuinely enjoy studying them, a philosophy the school definitely boasts. The fact that these subjects really interest me does not mean that I don’t find the subjects tricky from time to time. If I need to ask a question to better understand something, a teacher’s door is always open. The departments also go above and beyond in order to further educate us about the subjects. For example, I went on a trip to Madrid which was organised by the Spanish department. On this trip, we saw and did a range of things like practicing Spanish with real native speakers and seeing the new King of Spain crowned. What I have found during my time at the school is that there will always be opportunities for you to be the best you can possibly be academically, as long as you seek out and get them.

Along with academic opportunities, there are co-curricular opportunities as well. During my five years here I have been involved in an array of clubs such as Senior Debating Society, Greenpower (School’s electric go-kart team), and microbes and microscopy club to name a few. Nevertheless, on my first day, I told the school that I had a passion for playing the drums. Due to this, they encouraged me to join the Corps of Drums, the marching band of the school. At this club, they taught us the skills we need to be part of the Corps and therefore ultimately lead us to perform. Every year, the Corps of Drums leads a parade into Loughborough to commemorate Remembrance Sunday. This event is a show for the whole of Loughborough and an experience I am fortunate to have done five times now.  As a result of the time I have enjoyed and spent at this club, during my last year, I will have the pleasure of acting as drum sergeant.

Currently, I am in my last year of the school (year 13) and have been lucky to enough to be appointed as one of the Deputy Head Boys. A role that I am privileged to have. Alongside with Ben, I lead the Student Council (consists of boys of all years) which plays an important part in the student voice. From regular meetings with the Student Council, we meet with the Headmaster and put forward suggestions from the Student Council, many of which have been implemented. In this role, we are encouraged to do speeches so that we can encourage other boys to do public speaking as well, a vital skill in life. Time in this role will teach me about leadership and help me with eventually starting my own business.


Ben Greer Deputy Head Boy:

I have studied at Loughborough Grammar for almost 7 years already and have spent the last 14 years of my life on and around the Loughborough Endowed Schools campus as I joined LGS from Fairfield. I can confidently say the school has been a huge part of helping me develop a passion for the subjects that I do and developing myself as a person.

The key thing about Loughborough Grammar School is the opportunities that we have. In all aspects of school life there is a teacher who is willing to go above and beyond their subjects to help to grow your confidence and interest.

I have a particular interest in Biology, represented by my participation in the British Biology Olympiad along with another 20 boys who volunteered their free time to take part in a two hour exam, an example of a willingness to do well in subjects of interest. We received amazing support for this exam and extra teaching to ensure we did the best we could possibly do, something which is common of all the subjects that I have studied throughout my time at LGS. Outside of normal lessons I also had the opportunity to study things such as anatomy which I am now very interested in and was able to help some younger students with dissections of their own.

I have also played a huge amount of rugby as I have progressed through the school. There is great competition in every year group for rugby and other sports such as hockey, cricket and cross country, with two rugby teams being represented by each year group. This facilitates great training sessions outside of the normal PE lessons in our timetable backed up by teachers who were willing to go the extra mile in coaching us to become better and better. The result is a huge amount of boys being very proud to represent LGS every single Saturday morning, something which I am also very proud to have been a part of.

I have been encouraged and mentored in my goal to get into medical school for next year. I have been surrounded by fellow applicants and passionate teachers who have shared their knowledge of the application process and am very hopeful I can achieve the grades I need in Maths, Chemistry and Biology.

My role at LGS is Deputy Head Boy. I work very closely with the senior leadership team of the school and the rest of the senior prefects to effectively communicate the wishes of students to the heads of the school and help with organisation of events and distribution of information. I have learnt a huge amount with regards to communication and time management in a role which demonstrates the school’s willingness to listen to the voice of students. I am very privileged to be able to hold a position of responsibility in a school which has taught me all the skills I need to thrive beyond school life and into adulthood. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Loughborough Grammar.


Akshaye Patel: Music Prefect

The past 8 years at LGS has been filled with invaluable experiences and memories that I will forever cherish. The one thing that I will miss the most is the Music School and I would say that the best thing that my teachers have done is to encourage and push me to reach my potential. I am very grateful for this as it has shaped me into the person and musician that I am today. I am proud to have represented  the school in a range of exciting venues such as St Vitus Cathedral in Prague, the Royal Albert Hall and this summer in Ireland. I am lucky to have volunteered at a local Special Educational Needs school for the past year and currently every week I spend an afternoon reading with Year 1’s. The range of volunteering opportunities are so rewarding and have allowed me to give back to the wider community whilst developing personal attributes needed for my future career in Medicine.


Billy Rigg: Charity Prefect

As Charities Prefect, I help to coordinate the school’s charitable efforts, spanning non-uniform days, sixth form socials and ever-popular cake sales, among other things. This is hugely rewarding as the money we as a school collect has a huge influence on causes both within and outside of the local community. Recent charities supported include Movember, Rebuilding Sri Lanka and Loughborough Wellbeing (this year’s focus). The experience of co-ordinating events for such large numbers of people has definitely been beneficial – I’m sure the meticulous approach will stand me in good stead for studying biology next year.




Daniel Cropper: Academic Prefect

From Year 7 to Year 13, the school supports students in their academic interests, with competitions and trips being offered in all subjects from Maths and Physics to History and Classics. These include the Olympiads in the upper school: I have found these both challenging and enjoyable, and proved invaluable in improving not only my understanding of the subjects I study, but also helped me prepare for my university applications, which resulted in an offer for Natural Sciences at Cambridge. Likewise, other activities can offer experience in working on a group project of your choosing, or exploring the British Museum, or competing in a team in maths and much more besides.  The teachers are also very supportive of all pupils in their time here in matters both pastoral and academic. I hope to use the skills I have learned and the knowledge I have accrued to pursue a degree and maybe a career in academia.



Nikhil Reuben: Welfare Prefect

Naturally throughout my life people have come to me for advice, as my drive for helping people has always been strong. For this reason, I knew the position of welfare prefect would suit me perfectly. During my time at Loughborough Grammar School I have had the chance to help many students to which I have poured my heart into. These range from work related problems to stressful circumstances in social life. My passion to care and work hard has provided me with the joy of enlightening the people around me to a better path. One of the greatest pieces of advice I have been given is from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has taught me that living a healthy physical lifestyle will have a huge positive affect on your mind as well. LGS has provided me with the facilities to become the best person I could be and for that I am incredibly grateful whether that be through my teachers or my peers. With the many opportunities I have had from LGS, I wish to drive my passion for helping to a more professional setting which is why I have decided to pursue a career in Medicine.



Pavan Pattni: Sixth Form Centre Prefect

 The Sixth Form Centre is ostensibly a mere room but, I see a diverse cultural hub of Sixth Form social life. I have a drive to create a centre which lives and breathes as the students do: a place which reflects their own school life and is constantly evolving by gathering thoughts and ideas from their own passionate minds. This drive perhaps stems from my desire to be an artist; one that symbiotically relates to the creativity I have to bring to the Sixth Form Centre. Art is a profession designed to draw out the deepest emotions one can feel due to a strong visual connection the observer has with the piece. With the help of Loughborough Grammar School, more specifically the art department nurturing me throughout my school life, I have been able to express ideas from the entirety of the Sixth Form through my artistic capabilities. I cannot thank LGS enough for raising my potential to such a standard, as the skills and knowledge I have gained here will undoubtedly help in a professional setting.



Sami Tayub: Environmental Prefect 

 Throughout my time at LGS I have seen the greenery of our campus fantastically evolve into a haven of green space. Ever since year 9 I have regularly attended eco club and I feel this has not only enhanced my passion for picking up litter and nurturing plants, but also myself by becoming a more considerate and dedicated person. For this reason, I am incredibly privileged to be the school’s environmental prefect. I strongly believe in saving not just our schools, but our valued community’s ecosystems. In my eyes, if life in the school thrives, so will the students. I have been involved in various activities during my final year such as upholding our schools green flag status and the reduce food waste campaign, for which I gave my impact by becoming vegan. A decision I do not regret. Aside from that, I am a keen member of the school cricket team where I have experienced some of my fondest memories full of excitement and joy. I am unimaginably grateful for the high standard of teaching I have revised in my time here. With the support of my peers and feedback from teachers I have been able to achieve my goals and I look forward to undertake Botany at university down the line.



Spencer Ward: Social Prefect

During my time at Loughborough Grammar, my favourite aspect of school life has undoubtedly been the social side of it. Although I recognise the importance of academia I feel that an equally important life skill is that to interact and connect with other people. In upper sixth I have taken on the role of social prefect. In this position I make a joint effort with Lawrence, the other social prefect at LGS, as well as those at the High School and Loughborough Amherst School to organise social events for the Sixth Form and aid in the organisation of traditionally existing events such as the Snow Ball. When I leave the school I intend to study History at university during which time I also hope to discover a suitable career path.




Toby Hestletine: External Relations Prefect 

 My time at LGS has benefitted me hugely: beyond sheer academics, my teachers have encouraged me to partake in activities that stretch beyond the curriculum which have made me a more confident, outgoing person overall; furthermore, as External Relations Prefect, I have been able to put the skills I have learned to good use and work in an effective team.

Additionally, co-curricular trips and activities have improved my understanding and furthered my interest in the subjects I take. In particular, lecture days at the University of Warwick and talks on research have sparked and strengthened my interest and ability in biology to the extent that I intend to read biology at university and work in biological research as a career.




Tom Bowden: Form Co-ordinator Prefect 

I am the Senior Prefect for Form Coordination and I provide administrative support both for lower school activities and for organisation of Sixth Form and Senior Prefect events. I also provide workload support for the other Senior Prefects. The school has supported me a lot academically which helped me in securing an offer from Cambridge University to study English. In addition to this, I help to lead Art Club, enjoy singing in Burton Consort, and play guitar in the worship group for my Church. These activities have helped me to develop leadership and teamwork skills which will help me in my career, whatever it be.





William Yarnell: Sports Prefect

 The best thing my teachers did was to encourage me in my endeavours to play Rugby. I was very proud to play for Leicester Tigers earlier this year and the coaching and experiences that I received at LGS undoubtedly contributed towards fulfilling this ambition of mine. In the Sixth Form, I am pleased to be the Sports Prefect. This means that I work with the sports staff to improve upon our existing games provision and feedback to them on any issues that the boys have with regards to sports options. I speak to boys across all years and arrange coaching and skills training for them. I am really enjoying this leadership role and it has given me confidence and valuable team-building skills which I know will help me when I move on to University to study History at the University of Exeter.



Sai Suresh: Careers Prefect

As the Careers Prefect, I work alongside the Careers Department to organise events, run careers related activities and provide career advice to students. Recently, I helped to organise the Careers’ Convention and also delivered a speech to the Year 12’s about maintaining a good balance between school life and the UCAS process. I believe that the communication and organisation skills that I have learnt from this role will thoroughly benefit me in the future.

Loughborough Grammar School as provided me with a range of opportunities to explore and utilise. For example, being part of the cricket team, being a Drum Sergeant in the Corps of Drums and undertaking the Gold DofE scheme. The skills and lessons that I have learnt as this school have been invaluable and will definitely benefit me as I prepare to read Medicine at University.




Lawrence Ong: Social Prefect

 Becoming one of the Social Prefects for LGS has been one of the many privileges that I have experienced this year alongside my role as Drum Sergeant for the Corp of Drums at the Remembrance Day Parade and receiving my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award. As part of my role, I have assisted in organising the ‘Snowball’ as one of the committee members as well as helping to organise events for Year 8 and 9 students. Being a Prefect has meant a lot to me and I am glad that I have been able to contribute to a school that has given so much to me.





Adil Arif: Welfare Prefect

I am a Senior Prefect for Welfare, which broadly involves ensuring the welfare of students so that they can academically and non-academically make the most of their time at the school. I also encourage the use of the school counsellor, an aspect of the school that supports all of the boys at LGS. I have played rugby throughout my school career, and a clear highlight was the Rugby Tour to Japan and Hong Kong. I hope to in the future study Human Social and Political Sciences at Cambridge, and transition the degree into a job in public service.





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