School Aims

Our objective is to be school of first-choice for boys in the East Midlands. The aims of Loughborough Grammar School are that our pupils can flourish by becoming:

  • intellectually curious lifelong learners with the confidence to be innovative
  • healthy young men with a sense of perspective, whose emotional wellbeing is assured through development of their self-esteem
  • independently-minded young adults who demonstrate good judgement in their decisions and integrity in their relationships with other people
  • engaged citizens with a healthy respect for others and their differences
  • self-disciplined, adaptable leaders and team players, who embrace challenge and change

These aims are achieved by fostering academic rigour, independent study, and a love of learning for its own sake, both inside and outside the classroom. Through provision of varied and stimulating extra-curricular activities and opportunities, we enable boys to experience fulfilment and to develop character, resilience and a sense of teamwork. We also seek to be an outward-looking school, connected with the world beyond its walls, where boys understand their responsibilities towards those less fortunate than themselves.


Spirit of the School

The ‘spirit’ of Loughborough Grammar School is nurtured by fostering good relationships between all members of the community based on the core values of mutual respect, kindness and the Golden Rule of treating others as we would like to be treated ourselves.

We are extremely proud of our traditions, dating back to 1495. The acquisition of a moral compass, so dear to our founders, remains of fundamental importance. However, we are also determined to offer boys a thoroughly modern learning experience, benefiting from first-class facilities and an understanding of the importance of an all-round education which helps to develop the emotional intelligence required to make a success of their personal and professional lives.