We make no apology for expecting our boys to do well and we take every opportunity to congratulate and reward them, both individually and within groups. High expectations and a culture of praise are, we believe, central to the success of our pupils. During the course of the year we award many glittering cups and trophies to those who succeed in their particular field.

Pastoral Care

Every boy is helped to develop to his maximum potential. Work is monitored carefully and extra help given where necessary. All boys are placed in tutor groups and their pastoral needs are looked after by Form Tutors and Heads of Year. There is no doubt that our high academic standards are the result of outstanding relationships between boys and teachers. The wealth of activities on offer, often in the evenings and at weekends, enable boys to develop their interests and skills. Loughborough does not aim to produce a type, but rather a well-rounded individual who shows both a determination to do well and courtesy and consideration for others. These are confident and happy boys.

House System

The School aims to teach pupils self-discipline and standards of behaviour are expected to be high. However, the emphasis is on encouragement. Perhaps this is most actively apparent within our flourishing House system which provides the basis for keen sporting and cultural competition. In this way our boys learn about leadership and teamwork, the glory of winning – and the important art of losing gracefully yet with a determination to strive and do better next time. Every boy is encouraged to participate, whatever his talents.


The religious life of the School follows mainstream Christian faith and practice. However, Loughborough welcomes pupils from all faiths and makes provision for their spiritual welfare. We enable pupils of all faiths to celebrate special days and to honour their religious obligations. Our principal objective is that boys should develop their own firm faith and that they should respect the beliefs of others in society.