Loughborough Grammar School’s philosophy is that school should be a preparation for life. We equip boys with a broad portfolio of skills which allows them to excel in public examinations and access the top universities and the courses of their choice. More than that, our curriculum trains our boys to be independent learners who love study and have the self-discipline and motivation to aim high and to realise their potential.

We have high standards in all aspects of academic life and have invested heavily in staff and facilities to ensure that our boys get the best possible education.

In years 7-11, we are committed to offering breadth and depth for all our students. Mathematics and English are core curriculum subjects and are taught by subject specialists in their own departmental buildings.

To give boys the best possible exposure to science we teach Biology, Physics and Chemistry as separate subjects in their own newly completed buildings which have been furnished with the most up-to-date equipment.

We are committed to languages and boys in years 7-9 will be able to study French, Spanish and German, and they will be able to continue them into GCSE and beyond if they want. In addition, we offer Greek, Latin and Classical Civilisation throughout the school.

Boys are given a wide exposure to the humanities and our History, Geography and Religious Studies departments are exceptionally popular and teach all junior classes and offer GCSE and A level.

We believe in the performing arts and have a purpose built Music department and Drama Centre which deliver GCSEs and A levels as well as providing access to extra-curricular performance and training.

Boys leave Loughborough Grammar School with a rare breadth and depth in their academic knowledge which we believe gives them the skills they need to excel in an exciting world which presents ever-changing opportunities.